Friday, March 6, 2015

Skirt Making

I am loving the skirt I made back in November. It's in the weekly rotation and has been through the washing machine several times and is holding up well. I made a second one recently with the navy and pink fabric I cut into for the second tote bag,

I felt like making another one so visited The Fabric Shop in Lovegrove Cres, Otara to pick up some more stretch cotton sateen. The stretch means I don't even put a zip in - super lazy easy sewing. They still, 3 months since I bought the first lot, have a great collection of this fabric for $15ish a metre. 20 different prints at least. I get .7m as it's 150cm wide, costing me a big $10.50. (While it looks black in this photo, it's navy blue.)

I also got some with a black background and some black and white heavy knit fabric for winter skirts. So three skirts + thread for $42.30.

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  1. Must get there one day - I only live a bout 20 minutes away too. What other sorts of fabrics do they stock?