Sunday, May 10, 2015

A Work in Progress: Pink Toran

My copy of Cultural Fusion Quilts by Sujata Shah arrived recently. I love ordering books online. Sometimes I forget I have ordered them, so when they arrive, it's kind of exciting! I don't know how I discovered Sujata's blog earlier this year, but was taken by her photos from India.

I decided I would make my own version of her Toran quilt -

I was keen for a pink and red combination and did my best not to use green and blue fabric ... because I am always drawn to those colours so always use them.

All of the fabrics came off the shelf including the linen-ish 'solid'. If I did this one again, I would cut my strips fatter because I often ended up with a skinny strip right at the bottom when I trimmed the blocks back to 8.5",

I also felt like hand quilting. I am trying to use bigger stitches and to get them even. I think I will stitch in between these lines with some pink perle thread. And I 've seen a Jen Kingwell video online where she demonstrates hand quilting little x stitches, so I might add some of those too.

I like this little quilt lots.

In the April hols, I went to Singapore, primarily for the World Education Leadership Summit, but managed some holidaying before and after the conference. I hadn't been to Singapore before. It was an interesting place to visit. I particularly enjoyed the smaller communities outside of Orchard Road. I loved the side-of-the-road sewing service. There were Juki machines everywhere in Little India.


  1. The toran quilt is looking very lovely, the subtle improvy curves are beautiful and your hand quilting meshes nicely with the overall feel of the quilt!

  2. Love the colours you have used. I have just this minute requested this book from the library.

  3. Ah, I liked this quilt in her book, even though it wasn't in 'my' colours. Your version is looking really wonderful! And I love the hand quilting! {Singapore.. I spent 3yrs there as a child, love it!} Linda

  4. Oh I enjoyed this post so much! Your Toran quilt looks beautiful with those reds and pinks and your hand stitching. I have lately tried working with colors I have forgotten for a while It is fun to change things up a bit every now and then.
    Pictures of Little India took me back home. You know, I never paid attention to what machines tailors use in India. Something to remember when I make my next trip! Thank you so much for sharing your quilt and sending that special email! xoxo