Sunday, May 31, 2015

Pink Toran Finished

This little one has been finished for a couple of weeks, but it's now autumn/winter so getting a semi-decent photograph is not easy as it's either grey, windy or rainy, or being Auckland, a bit of everything.

I like this little one lots. I like the colours. I like the linen-like fabric and I like the 'organic' hand stitching.

The idea and pattern comes from Cultural Fusion Quilts by Sujata Shah who blogs at The Root Connection. I have started another baby quilt using her book, so it's been a good investment.


  1. Love the organic quilting.

  2. Yep... Auckland is known for the "four seasons in one day" effect! A lovely finish Karyn... I really like your colours here too, and the added focus of the hand quilting is cute!

  3. I like it all's a lovely quilt :)

  4. Such a happy quilt, right down to your choice of binding fabric. As to weather, imagine trying to photograph quilts in Dunedin at the moment.