Friday, July 17, 2015

A Round Robin Starter

Our Monday Modern group is starting a round robin. Our first centre blocks are due at our August gathering in a couple of weeks. I thought I would get mine done while I have the head space (school hols).

First, I wanted something circular but thought that would be a real pain for the next person in the round robin, so I went with curves.

This hung around on the 'design wall' (ha!) for a couple of days until I decided it was too much like my Circle Game quilt. I think it's the black and white background fabric.

So I googled 'cool quilt blocks' and that got me to some paper pieced patterns, so then I googled some more and came across Bubblestich's patterns on Etsy. I was very tempted by the cow pattern, but went with this one because it's cool.

The only bird fabric I have in my stash is a tui print I bought for an 'art' project which failed. So it's a tui clock rather than a cuckoo clock. I look forward to seeing what develops from this start over the next six months or so.


  1. Looking forward to seeing how this develops - hope you post lots of photos for us.

  2. Oh, that's so cute Karyn, I'm still waiting for inspiration to strike me :-)

  3. Very cute... I love the colours! It'll be interesting to see how this progresses from here!