Thursday, July 23, 2015

Meow Quilt

While I got this finished back at the start of June, I have had no where to photograph it as it's big and heavy, and the weather has been rubbish. I took it down to Hawkes Bay in the hols and took the opportunity to take some 'finished' photos.

I tried this location right out the back of the shed and was disappointed the baby trees had no top wire, so that didn't work!

So I walked on down the muddy track -

And found some bigger trees whose top wire I could borrow. A good southerly was blowing.

Job done. Ready for Lucy's 3rd birthday in September.

The pattern is a slightly enlarged version of Camille Roskelley's Round and Round. I upsized it a little bit to take into the account the size of the cats in the middle of each block. And that's also why it's called 'Meow'.


  1. Really beautiful! Great colours and love the quilting!

  2. A great finish... and I love your outdoor photos!

  3. Great photos. I love quilts blowing in the wind. Great job you have done and lovely clear colours.

  4. Hoping to pop across to the Bay myself this weekend. I won't be doing any photo shoots, but maybe a bit of fabric hunting instead. Lovely quilt, though I am curious about the name.

  5. The wind always picks up when I need to photograph a quilt. Looks great and so nice to be able to say its finished.