Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A Forgotten Finish

I had this one wrapped for gifting and then remembered I had not photographed it. Anyway, I planned to gift it today but missed the recipient when she called into school this morning, so I brought it home, unwrapped it and photographed it complete with folds from being wrapped up for a while..

The pattern comes from Sujata Shah's book. It's my second quilt from her book and I have my eye on a third ... maybe that one will be a summer holiday project.

This one measures about 48 x 48 inches. All the fabrics came from the stash including the backing. Bonus.


  1. Great quilt. Love all the bright colours.

  2. Love this, we are lucky you missed her, so we get to see it! The backing fabric is a great choice too.

  3. Lovely and scrappy! The random slicing doesn't come easy to me, did you enjoy making those free form blocks?

  4. Very fun! She'll be sorry she missed it ; )