Sunday, May 1, 2016

I Made Another Sweatshirt

Well, I made two.

My cousin Kelly said nice things about my grey and pink one so I made her one. Too bad if she was just being polite. I had enough fabric left over from my first, so it didn't cost me anything really. I made the sleeves shorter and cut the neck a bit scoopier at the front. In this pic it is still waiting its twin stitching which I think will make it sit a bit better especially around the bands.

Then I made myself second. This time from black merino and some flowery chiffon-like fabric both from The Fabric Shop in Otara. I went for a medium weight merino since I am not expert in sewing stretch fabrics. It was pretty easy to handle. The chiffon-like fabric was super shifty and frayey - just made up that word.

I am quite pleased with my efforts. I can see how an overlocker would speed up construction. I do have one of the school ones at home - because it doesn't get used at school. I might have to teach myself via youtube how to use it. Just the threading up puts me off - it looks very complicated.

(Pattern - McCall's 6992)

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  1. Wow! Love them both! Been thinking about making sweatshirts lately and have been having trouble finding a pattern so ta very much for that!