Saturday, July 2, 2016

I Made a Quilt

And gave it away on Friday.

It's called Amio which means to orbit. It's made from Spotlight solids, some leftover silk from a dress I made and essex linen. It's stitched using eleganza thread. The binding is a mix of the blue and mustard solids and the essex linen. I am a convert to the Flourishing Palms method of binding for almost perfect corners.

I made it for a colleague who finished up at school on Friday due to poor health. As I've been at the same school for 12 years, I have worked with Andrea for 12 years - the last 18 months in the office next door. She is responsible for the heart of our school and has personally provided me with a different perspective on things and calm and wisdom in times of turbulence. So Amio is kind of symbolic for her role in our school over the last 14 years.

Given it's winter, I go to work in the almost dark and/or rain and get home in the almost dark and/or rain so was forced to photograph this one on Friday morning at school. It was the first sunny day in weeks and weeks. (We had 125 mm of rain in June.)

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