Sunday, November 27, 2016

I Made Two [Mila] Dresses

I have had the Mila dress pattern from Style Arc for a while. I even have material stashed away I bought for it. After the relative success of the Adeline dresses, I felt like trying something new and pulled this pattern from the shelf.

I hadn't been to The Fabric Shop in Otara for months. My last fabric purchases have been at Drapers in Newmarket and The Fabric Store in Newton Road. I was pleasantly surprised when I visited the Fabric Shop on Saturday morning. They have 12 - 15 new season's rayons in stock. I restrained myself and bought only two lots, but am sure to go back for more! They are only $14m which makes a less than $40 dress. Can't complain about that. And that doesn't compare to the other two fabric shops.

I started with the pink as I love the navy and gold fabric more, so if I screwed it up I would not be too upset. However, it turned out ok. The skirt is a bit skew whiff (which I had to google to spell) though which you can see in the long shot. It's not so noticeable when it's on.

I tried it on when finished and decided to wear it to watch the horse race. She was not supposed to win - the race was only 1000m and she is better suited to longer distances and it was her first race of the summer season - but she did by a neck from a more favoured horse. So a finished dress and a horse win made for a good day.

Today, I made a second one. I lengthened the top of the sleeve by 1.25" for a little more coverage and I paid more attention to matching the notches between the bodice (weird word) and skirt. It is ironed and ready for a sunny day so I can wear it to school this week. It is a lovely fitting dress that feels nice to wear.

I have the Toni dress pattern on the shelf. I might try that next in black and white rayon.


  1. Great dresses! They both look super. Can you tell me if the size was true to measurements? Sye