Thursday, January 5, 2017

I Made Two Quilts in the Holidays

I rescued the big blue floral print from the sewing room at school where I thought it wouldn't be appreciated. I think it's quite old as it's barely 1 metre wide and it has a bit of a sateeny finish. I had been keeping it for another project, but when I saw Linda's version of Jo's Aunt Bet's Quilt, I knew I would be cutting into old bluey. I supplemented old bluey with two Art Gallery bundles from Moona Fabrics on Etsy - Indie by Pat Bravo and the loveliest feeling solids ever - Pure Elements, Citrus Shades. The rest of the fabrics were off the shelf.

I really like this style of pattern. I like that it's not too contrived - it has handmade look to it. The first quilt ended up more golden and green than blue.

At our final Monday Modern gathering for the year, Liz was giving away fabric and I took a piece of maroon floral furnishing fabric knowing I would use it for a second Aunt Bet's quilt. I also used the Art Gallery and the off the shelf fabrics in this quilt too. I added an extra row of flying geese to this one to make it a bit longer, and I reversed the second row of partial log cabins. This one measures about 1.7m x 1.6m.

The bins out the back proved to be a good place for taking pics.

I plan to send these out to be quilted. I don't have any more quilts on the go at the moment other than Botanics which is partially hand quilted. I would like to find other quilt patterns in this style. I do like the look of Catherine-Maree's Musu Quilts. While I look, I will get busy with some dresses for the new school year and getting the backs made for these two.

(Link to the pattern at Frankie and Ray - Australia).


  1. Both look good - maybe a summer and a winter quilt with their distinct colour ways. Obviously you are having a relaxing break.

  2. I too like that 'handmade' look about this pattern. Love your #2 version.... need to see a few close ups of the fabrics! Some great photos at the orchard Karyn!

  3. Two great pictures. Love your colour choices and placements. Linda's aunt bets quilts have inspired me too.