Friday, November 24, 2017

... to Weston and Ngapara, Waitaki District

On the second day of my long weekend away, I ventured inland to the clay cliffs at Omarama. While the clay cliffs were underwhelming, there were lots of phototunities along the way. 

I went inland via the Weston Ngapara Road. The first phototunity came at Weston. Weston has a beautiful Oamaru stone hall built in 1890 and just around the corner from that a lovely old church. The corrugated iron fence between the church and its neighbour had been turned into a graffiti board for local youth. It was horrible and quite a juxtaposition to the lovely church. In my experience very few children are into graffiti or tagging. I couldn't name one from the 46 Yr 9 children I teach. It's such a stereotyped view of youth!

A few kilometres up the road and literally on the side of the road in Ngapara, I came across the vibrant Milligan's Eclipse flour mill built in 1896. I assumed it was an abandoned building, but it is still in use. Not for flour but for animal nutrition products. There is an article about the change in use here. Those 'bricks' are thick. The windows are inset about 30cm. 

Then I came across another beautiful community - memorial hall. I love the colours and the straightlines. In the second photo you can see the chimney. Imagine the inside with a roaring fire going. I did not love the dog that came running out of the neighbour's place to see what I was doing. I was glad it ran on down the road to visit someone else!

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