Monday, January 24, 2011

Treasures from the Spare Wardrobe

Today I had a bit of a clean out in a couple of wardrobes ... it's last week of the school hols so it seems like the right time to do these jobs.

I found diaries from 1992, 1993 and 1994 (top left) - eek and LOL, mainly LOL. The diaries are complete with ticket stubs (bottom right), cards (top right) and envelopes from letters recieved (top middle). Remember when people wrote letters because "toll calls" were expensive and cell phones and email didn't exist for regular members of the public?

Also discovered were my roller blading pads from the year I learnt to time roller blading along the Animas River pathways. From the same year is a Dawson's Creek calendar. I loved Pacey's accent! The roller blading equipment and the calendar are from the year I lived in Durango, Colorado. A couple of my students gave me the calendar as a reminder of my year with them.

The oldest artefact I found was a photo of me on my first day of school in my home-sewn dress and home-knitted cardi. Who knew I would still be going to school all these years later ...

I didn't manage to throw much out - but did get three bags together for the Hospice Op Shop.

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