Monday, February 7, 2011

I Heart Auckland Libraries

... previously known as Manukau Libraries before we became a 'Super City' last year. I love being able to go on the website to reserve books and getting the email to say 'your book is in' at my local branch which is all of 4 km from my house! I liked the Material Obsession Books - particularly book #2. I also enjoyed Boo Davis' Dare to be Square. Every quilt is made with just squares and rectangles. My fave might just be the sausage dog! This book below is quite pretty.

I like this pattern in particular.

I had a play with it on Sunday afternoon using leftover strips from the Jelly Rolls I used to make the 'wedding quilt' in 2009. It's quite straightforward. I just need to set the other pieces in. I might just use up the jelly rolls and make a few random blocks.

I really should be quilting the Leicester Square Quilt but it's been very warm and 90+% humidity most days - not really weather for sitting under a quilt,

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