Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Baking Update

I am still eating the apple and cranberry shortcake. It is primo with Tip Top Vanilla ice cream. I think Tip Top make the best ice cream in the world. Soooo creamy.

The peanut butter ones went down a treat. I had made them before. They are all peanut butter, peanut butter chips and condensed milk. Crikey. I am all out of peanut butter chips now, so no more of them.

My Yr9s finished off the brownies and the choc cake this morning. At first they thought it was a birthday cake, and then they decided it was because they are the best class I teach.

The apple nut loaf fell apart coming out of the tin. Maybe I should have refrigerated it in the tin? Anyway, it's now in pudding sized pieces in glad bags in the freezer.

I haven't picked up the Leicester Square quilt for a week. If I got my A into G, I could knock it on the head in a couple of weeks. Hmmm.

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