Thursday, July 14, 2011

All the Way from Texas

I do love I am a frequent brower and a more than occasional purchaser!

In the mail today all the way from Arlington, TX,  I received the quilt labels I ordered a couple of weeks ago from Mommie Made It's store. They measure 1" x 3.5" and are printed on cotton tape - just as I ordered. I need to finish a quilt or two now to be able to use them.

I would like to visit Texas. San Antonio looks like a nice place. When I lived in Durango, CO the locals were not fans of Texans who came to ski on "our" ski fields. Maybe there's a Colorado - Texas thing like our New Zealand - Australia thing (read 'rivalry' there for 'thing' if you like).

One day left until the hols. Just as well I say. Everyone at school is ready for a break.

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