Friday, January 13, 2012

Wonky Log Cabin Blocks Done

Had a test layout on my bed and it's a good size. It will be about 82" x 82" or 210 cm x 210cm when I have sewn the sashings on. The biggest I have ever made.

I have ordered a white jelly roll which I will cut up for the sashings - way easier than accurately cutting one million strips 2.5" wide. We've decided to go with the blue honeycomb for the back so that's been ordered. As has a wool batting. Exciting.

I am relatively confident about getting it finished in March, so long as the fabric doesn't take too long to arrive.

I think I will crosshatch quilt it ... I might google and see how other people have quilted wonky log cabin quilts.

PS On my bedside table, The Fosterling by Emma Neale. It's an ok read so far. I don't really know where it's going though. The plot line would be a flat if we were making a tension graph on the whiteboard. Still about a third to go though.

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