Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cara's Clamshell Quilt Completed

Cara had baby Annabelle last Monday. So Cara's quilt is now Annabelle's quilt.

It measures about 42 x 38 inches. It was a hard quilt to square up. I guess because it's all handsewn so the lines are not perfectly straight. It is nice and colourful though. I backed it with flannel which feels super snuggly, but I don't love quilting flannel. Because it's just a bit thicker, it's harder to get small even stitches. However, job done. Next.


  1. You've made a lovely job Karyn, Annabelle is a lucky little girl. Love the label too!

  2. Just beautiful! I think this is my fave after Max's.

    1. I used flannel after you said you and Max like it, Courtenay.