Thursday, February 2, 2012


My Mum and I visited the Craft and Design Market in the Village (Havelock North) on Saturday morning. I saw these pretty pillowcases. We bought blue ones for my cousin for her birthday. And I have since bought the red ones via Felt. They are printed and made by Coulter and Coulter. The market is held the last Saturday of every month. It's small but everything was so nice. Typical Havelock really.

I look forward to a good night's sleep on my new pillowcases tonight. Big day tomorrow. All the kids are back at school. All 1450-ish of them. Argh. Thank goodness it's Waitangi Weekend and Monday's a holiday.

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  1. The pillow cases are lovely. There are so many talented people around making beautiful things. I hope the pillow cases are doing their job and you are well-rested for the beginning of the term!