Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Quilting Progress

Possibly a little over-exaggerating calling it progress, but I have now completed 3/25 blocks. That equals a big 12% of my quilt quilted. Crikey. I need to get A into G. Term 1 is tough though. Long and busy 10 -11 hour days.

Yeah, I still haven't unpicked the crosshatching. It does a good job of holding the centre of the quilt together.

Wednesday tomorrow, so me and the girls will get some more baby-sized wonky log cabin blocks done during i-Extend. The blocks are only wonky because we don't have cutters, boards or rulers. We just have scissors.


  1. Beautiful colours. How do you find time for quilting with those long days?

    1. I am not getting much done during the week at all at the moment. I do usually find a few hours in the weekend to get stuck in though!

  2. Love the colours and I like how you are not afraid to unpick if you change your mind. :-)

  3. I admire your patience with hand quilting! I'm almost finished a baby quilt top that I'm going to hand quilt...think I'll do larger stitches with embroidery thread and call it 'sashiko style' though...:)

  4. Hi Karyn - I have nominated your blog for the Leibster award. Details are on my blog :D