Sunday, February 19, 2012

Square Spiral Quilting

Two and a half blocks done out of 25.

I feel it is a lot denser than any quilting I have done before. And, surprisingly, it's much harder to do a crooked line than a straight one. I have to make myself go wonky.

I start by using the best quilt marking pen in the world ... whose brand I don't know because I have thrown the packet away, but I have only ever found at Fabricland in Papakura. I like it best out of all the ones I have tried because it's a medium tip, it doesn't dry out, the line stays on until I wet it out. So many pens I have tried are skinny as tip and the markings disappear within an hour or two before I get to quilt that part. And anything chalk-based is useless when hand quilting because the quilt gets moved a lot and it just all rubs off. I use the best quilt marking pen in the world to free hand a square spiral starting in the middle of each block and working out. I aim for the lines of my spiral to be 4 - 5 cm apart. I then quilt that line and then just freehand quilt the second line of the spiral 2-ish cm from the first spiral.

The next meeting of the Auckland Modern Quilt Guild is this Tuesday evening at Patchwork Passion in Onehunga. We are showing and telling different types of quilting.

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