Saturday, March 10, 2012

Library Books

I go in fits and starts with library books. When I was sick last weekend, I ordered some. I do love that I can order on the www, and then pick them up from my local library 2 km from my house. Two I ordered came in. I have been looking forward to them since Thursday.

Unfortunately, neither is a keeper.

The first - Simply Mini Quilts - might suit an absolute beginner with its 9 pages of instructions at the start. None of the mini quilts are really to my taste, nor particularly orginal ... I've seen them all, or least variations of them, on the www.

The second - Quilting Line and Colour - is certainly more advanced and artistic. I enjoyed looking at the pics and the instructions seem to be detailed with photos, drawings and step by steps. And I did enjoy the chapter on the author's involvement in quilting. However, none of the quilts have me running the stash or sewing machine.

Oh well, I hope the next shipment is more to my taste. I am looking for inspiration for the next Auckland Modern Quilt Guild's challenge. The challenge is to make a tiny quilt (20 x 24-ish") using a block/pattern we have never used before. The quilts are to be gifted to the NICU or PICU at Akld Hospital. Still not sure that I will enter into the challenge. No spare time really. School is still really busy and I am at 10/25 for the Wonky Log Cabin. I need to the get to Wonky Log Cabin done by Easter.

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