Sunday, April 29, 2012

Teal and Orange HST Quilt Finished

I machine quilted this. It is possibly the first and last baby-sized one I ever machine quilt. I hated the process. I found it really frustrating have to manoeuver the quilt through the throat of my machine. I nearly unpicked it several times during the first quadrant and even when half of it was done, I hated it, thought I had ruined the quilt and seriously thought about unpicking it all. I don't know how peple quilt bed-sized quilts on domestic machines.

However, I like it now it is done. It's certainly not perfect though. Machine quilting makes for a much stiffer quilt because it's a denser stitch compared to the quilting running stitch. I think I prefer the feel of a hand quilted quilt - much softer. But I do appreciate what would have taken me a month to hand quilt, took me a half a day (or so) to machine quilt and bind.

It measures about 1 m x 1.3 m, or 41 x 51 inches.

New supplies of teal elephant and abacus have arrived, so I look forward to working on the teal and pink quilt this week, depending on homework of course.


  1. Welcome to the world of machine quilting! I think it will be a long time before I can say I enjoy machine quilting, but it does get better!

  2. It's like everything it gets easier the more you do it! If you do free motion instead of using a walking foot there is less turning of the quilt too. Sometimes it's better to machine quilt especially for kids quilts as they (the quilts) have a rough life and are in and out of the washing machine a lot.

  3. Your quilt is stunning Karyn, it looks fantastic, well done. I too, don't enjoy the quilting part!

  4. I love this quilt! I'm hoping to use it for inspiration for my very first quilt attempt!