Saturday, May 5, 2012

There's Pink and Then There's Pink

The next HST quilt has been sitting for a week or two. I was waiting for more teal to arrive, which it did about a week ago. But still it sat. I wasn't loving the pink ... it was a bit too magentary for my taste.

I was in Spotlight this a.m. getting fabric for another project when I saw a solid the colour of dark watermelon. Bought it. Cut it. Sewed it.

It photographs poorly. Think watermelon. Think dark watermelon pink. I like it a whole lot better.

So now all the HSTs are made, the next job is to sew the squares together. The baby shower is in 12 days.

Thankfully, the builders moved a little bit faster - once they finally arrived. Large patches of the deck were rotten. The builders discovered the boards had been laid straight on the dirt and old concrete terrace. Boards that aren't supposed to come into contact with the actual ground. Hence, the rot.

It's been interesting coming home each evening to see their progress.

It was even better to come home on Friday and find it finished.


  1. The quilt and the new deck look great :)

  2. I think I love your backyard! Gorgeous trees and ferns. I also like both the pinks but I can see why the watermelon is the choice, it does pop a bit more. I'm really appreciating Spotlight's solids at the moment too, they've got a great range of colours and the quality is better than Kona solids. I plan to stock up on a couple every time I end up at Spotlight!