Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Wonky Log Cabin

I can't start quilting another quilt until this one is done ... or this one will never get done. This weekend I have managed to get three blocks quilted while catching up on My Sky-ed episodes of NCIS: Los Angeles. I must have this quilt finished to take down to Hawkes Bay in the next holidays.

I imagine it's going to be a full on week ahead - a Danish University Researcher at school Monday and Tuesday here to study 'positive learning relationships' so she is with me and then tracking one of my classes, the ERO in school for three or four days starting Monday, and 3 Day Learning Eps Wednesday to Friday. 


  1. Perhaps you could be sick this week and do some quilting instead :P
    This week is going to be pretty full on.

    1. And it's not like last week wasn't full on too! Roll on Queen's B'Day weekend.