Saturday, June 23, 2012

Polaroid Blocks

I have whipped up these polaroid blocks for the Monday Modern Quilt Group I have joined.

One of the polaroids had to be of an animal. Is a snail an animal? I have plenty of birds in my stash, but no animals ... other than snails!


  1. Definitely animals - they're not a vegetable or mineral which are the other choices :)

    I must get on to mine - I'm really looking forward to doing a few and I'll definitely be making some for me too.

  2. Oh your post made me laugh - I was thinking just animal as in something living!! I see Jacqui has confirmed my sophisticated classification system. I must get on to this project - yours look great.

  3. I had to come back and leave another comment because I noticed, while comparing yours to mine, that we have used the same fabric on one, but luckily yours is red and mine is blue and we put in different animals! Phew. ;)