Monday, June 18, 2012

Wonky Log Cabin Completed


This one has been a mission.

I see I started it last September and then put it aside until the Christmas/Jan hols when I finished all the blocks. I have mucked around with the quilting of it and for a long time I was just sick of it. However, the closer I got to finishing it the more I wanted to get it finished. So finally, last week I got it done. The weather has been rubbish for photographing it outside. And I had no where to photograph it until I rigged up some black orchard string between the cabbage trees and the magnolia.

I think it's great looking summer quilt. Summer because it's very fresh looking.

It's the biggest quilt I have ever made and it's taken over 200 metres of thread to hand quilt it. It measures about 2.06m x 2.06m or about 80" x 80".

In the process of making this one I learnt:
  • to keep a pin in the centre of each block facing north
  • not to use masking tape to mark a square on my cutting board because the masking tape won't come off the cutting board once it's been cut into 1000 pieces
  • that buying a 14.5" square piece of perspex on Trade Me is cheaper than buying a quilter's ruler
  • that I had favourite fabric combinations that I had to force myself to break so the blocks didn't end up the same
  • that white jelly rolls make sashing much easer and there's a gap in the local quilt market for them
  • that there is maybe an optimum width for binding before mitred corners don't look so flash.

As an aside, if you are interested in Modern Quilts, over at the Auckland Modern Quilt Guild Jacqui, Megan and I have started a series of posts examining Modern Quilting. I get a bit tired of the 'no rules' description. Anyway, we are looking in the origins, fabrics, colours, inspiration and techniques of MQ over the next four Sundays.


  1. I love the list of things you learnt - am curious about the issues with the wider binding. I hope I get to see this in real life - it looks amazing in the pic so am sure it is even better up close and personal!

  2. The wider binding has meant tight corners are impossible. I tried stopping further from the corner, but that just left a gap at the corner. I will have to google and see what people say about it.