Saturday, August 18, 2012

Monday Modern Bee Block

I got Helen's blocks cut and sewed today. It wasn't a big time commitment at all and the blocks seem to be quite economical.

Helen pointed us towards this Film in the Fridge tutorial. I did glue down the centre linen spot, and I used newspaper as my backing paper. I figured it was nice and thin and would rip away easily - it did. I also adjusted my stitch length as Ashley suggests. To do my final cut, I measured, cut, ironed and cut around a freezer paper square.

Helen has been making tiny hexies to go with the bee blocks. Have a nosy! I am waiting for more glue to arrive before I can make more hexies for my hexy quilt.

I need to have my bee block ready for Monday Modern at the start of December. I need to make some decisions.


  1. These blocks just make me smile - they look so cheerful. I keep changing my mind about what I will choose. Decisions, decisions. Monday Modern is a great name.

  2. Very pretty blocks. Love the colors ; )

    1. I agree. I look forward to seeing it all come together.