Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Whirling Star Block

I had a play with the Whirling Star block recently.

It's paper-pieced which is interesting. I do think it produces a lot more waste than cutting templates.

I had several re-sews because I couldn't visualise which way the seams were going to go. I accidentally sliced the paper once instead of the fabric. And I have no idea what I was thinking, but I cut right up close to one seam rather than allowing any seam allowance.

However, from a distance with your eyes half closed it kind of looks ok. I know it's not right because it measures 12 3/8" rather than 12 inches, which suggests my seam allowances weren't consistent. The lack of matching in the centre also suggests my seam allowances weren't perfect. Nothing that a covered button can't hide though (-:

I look forward to having a second try again soon. I am pretty sure I have learnt from my mistakes! I do like the fabric - two Spotlight solids and Anna Griffin's 2010 willow pattern.