Thursday, October 18, 2012

No Sewing ... but holidaying

I haven't done any sewing for weeks. I took my navy sampler on holiday thinking I would maybe get some done at nights. But no.

Had a week in Brisbane. Four days of holidaying and then three days of conferencing.

Both were good. I had not stayed in Brisbane as an adult. It's a busy but navigable city. It was nice to get an early taste of summer too.

Here are some holiday pics - the city Botanic Gardens, somewhere in the city, the Treasury Building, Riverfire Festival from hotel and ferrying back to Eagle Pier at night. I did love the ferry trips.

I was joined by three colleagues for the conference (Australian Council for Education Leadership) which was also good. Quite thought provoking and really re-energising. So much so, I haven't made time for sewing since I have been home as I have been working on projects for school. It was good to have the time and space to be a big picture thinker and talker. (Conference photos consist of numerous ipad shots of powerpoint screens.)

Then I had a few days with my family. I met Baby Lucy. My now 19 day old niece. One of my works in progress is her quilt. Another of my works in progress is the other quilt I started for her.

It's a long weekend this weekend. I might feel like sewing.

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