Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sewing for Lucy

Just to be clear, I do mean baby Lucy and not Lucy the Cat!

I was having an email conversation with my cousin Kell a couple of weeks ago and I said, I think I might make Lucy a dress for Christmas. Very briefly, she thought I was talking about Lucy the Cat. The only thing I have ever sewed for my cat has been a blanket!

I have made this 'Perfect A-Line' dress by TieDyeDiva on Etsy.

The choice of fabric was very deliberate. Lucy's Nana and Grandad grow apples for export and pears. Lucy lives on an apple and pear orchard. It was an easy dress to make. I learnt (after one million years of sewing) the difference between clipping and notching curves. I love that it is lined so all the seams are hidden.

Then I made some matching frilly pants also by TieDyeDiva.

They are as cute as anything! It's been a long time since I did gathering to fit and the leg holes barely fitted around the arm of my sewing machine, so that was a challenge.

I have started a Plum Pudding Pease dress by GingerBabyPatterns using the lovely Japanese lawn I used for the apron. (I feel like sewing myself something with it! I love the colours and I love paisley.)

I need to find the gold spot fabric for the sleeves so I can get it finished.

I hope the clothes are all big enough. I have made them in size 3 - 6 months - Lucy is almost 3 months. They look like dolls' clothes to me!


  1. Gosh these look fiddly, but beautiful. Great job!

  2. What a lucky girl Lucy is, this little outfit is adorable.

  3. It looks adorable! Looking forward to seeing the finished Plum Pudding dress :). Thanks for linking up this week too!

  4. Loving the plum pudding dress! What gorgeous fabric!

  5. Ooh that's so pretty! I love the fabrics that you used. Definitely make something for yourself with the green paisley!)

  6. What darling little clothes! Looking forward to seeing the other little dress

  7. it's so cute! Visiting from Show and Tell. Love the cute as pins too

  8. ...just gorgeous & so practical as well. I have been lookiong for a pattern like this for ages for my granddaughter!!!