Monday, January 7, 2013

Finished Cushions and Quilting in Progress

Realised I hadn't posted pics of the finished Christmas cushions ...

I didn't find any nice white bobble trim though. I found some horrible synthetic bobbles that were unravelling. Yuk. I left them on the shelf and used the white cotton trim I bought at Designer Textiles in Otara instead. I left the trim off Jayden's blue cushion. I added feather inners to my sister in law's black and white flying geese cushions. I got the inners from Neptune's Linen (Mt Maunganui) online. They were about half the price I have paid for them elsewhere.

I have started quilting baby Lucy's quilt. She is now three months old and still quiltless. I am cross hatching (because I like the simplicity of it and it's relatively quick to do) using white thread in 3" squares - the same size as the windows. The blue line is from my marking pen. I am half done. It's not a big job.

When I get Lucy's one finished I have the blue and green baby quilt to quilt. Maybe I won't cross hatch it. Maybe I will do something with circles instead or wavy lines.

Here's one final photo. Mrs Quail and her babies. There were three quail families on the lawn over Christmas. One family with seven medium sized babies, another family with one big baby and this family with 11 tiny babies!


  1. Like the new banner!

    Your Leicester Square quilt is featuring on our blog and facebook page at the moment :)

    1. The quilt does match your drinks perfectly!