Monday, January 14, 2013

Modern Monday Bee Block

Not quite in December, but before our monthly gathering so it's ok.

December's bee block is for Linda at Koka Quilts. I have decided to call it the Whirlygig Block because it's kind of like a pinwheel but bigger. It took a little bit of concentration getting the reds in the corner and then the whirls going in the right direction. There was a wee bit of unpicking with these blocks because of a lack of checking ahead more than anything.

But they turned out all right in the end. If you want to see other people's finished blocks check out our Monday Modern flickr pool.

I look forward to seeing how all the blocks come together. What I like about the bee blocks is being able to try something new on a small scale. You are not committing to a whole quilt or ending up with another cushion cover because of a one block wonder. I also like seeing what fabric people have.

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