Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Monday Modern Bee Block - January

This month our bee block is for Laurina - Chicky Quilts. Laurina gave us amazing instructions that were super easy to follow, and two strips of fabric. One black and white and one green.

The blocks use 4.5" equilateral triangles. I don't have a specialist 60 degree triangle ruler, I just used the 60 degree line on my big ruler. It took about three twists and turns to get the 60 degree line in the right place before each cut - you'd think I would remember after each cut, but no.

It was an quick block to put together. Again, I look forward to seeing how this one comes together. I think it will be an eye catching quilt. I like that each person's block will potentially have a different ratio of black/white and green.


  1. Love it and am so excited to see how they all fit together. See you Monday!

  2. Great job! That butterfly fabric is cool.