Monday, February 4, 2013

My February Lucky Star

I have been looking forward to my February Lucky Star email. Being so far ahead of the rest of the world (in terms of time), means the email doesn't arrive on the first of the month, but the second.

As always it takes me a while to work out where the first two pieces need to overlap - I am a poor visualiser. But once I was through the first two quarters, the third and fourth were a piece of cake.

I really like the colours especially the red and pink next to each other. I am pleased with my seam meeting skills except for the the very centre. You can see that the right hand red is a bit fat still right near the centre - not a big enough quarter inch seam at some stage. I am sure no one will notice once it's put together.

I pressed my centre seams flat, but that was hard work because 12 pieces of fabric meet in the centre. I certainly won't be quilting near that seam when the time comes!

Meanwhile it hadn't rained for months until a thirty minute downpour at 3.30am. More is supposed to come today. We will see.

Cicada season has started this weekend. A good three weeks earlier than last year, but about a week to 10 days later than usual.

And school re-started last week too. Friday was the first day for the whole school after Yr 12 and 13s came in on Thursday for course confirmation and goal setting meetings with their parents. Thankfully, this week is only a four day-er with Waitangi Day off on Wednesday.



  1. Love your colours - like you I think the pink and red look great together. Missed you at our meeting tonight!

    1. It was pouring on the South Western. Got to Mangere and thought this is ridiculous and turned around. I hate motorway driving in pouring rain! I look forward to Helen's update.

  2. Its a fantastic star! And i wouldnt have noticed the middle if you hadnt mentioned it! Yay for the rain this week :)

  3. great star block!
    love the colour choices...

    I posted up my daughters dress today on my blog for show n tell. ;)