Sunday, August 25, 2013

Lucy's Birthday Dress

The last page of instructions took about 2 hours to master.

First of all, maintaining a 3/8" seam allowance around the sleeves was not going to happen, so I reverted to 1/4" to avoid little puckers. Then I sewed the wrong pieces together and ended up with this ... some kind of cape-like situation!

So I unpicked the sleeves and the sides. Re-sewed the sleeves and then the side seams made sense. I would say I am an average sew-er with at least 30 years on and off sewing experience, so I will say the pattern was lacking in a couple of places especially when it came to sewing the sleeves. I also think the photos in the pattern would have been easier to follow, if the fabrics were higher contrast.

Anyway, one Sunday morning later it's finished.

I don't love that one section hangs lower than the other. It doesn't in the pattern, so I am hoping once it's filled with one year old puku (tummy) it will even out!

If I made this top again, I would use fabrics with less contrast because don't like the way the ties stand out on the B side. Or maybe the trick would be to use a different fabric for the ties that blends in with both fabrics.

I plan to make some frilly pants, like these ones, to match. And then these cute shorts and this top. Perhaps for Christmas. As if I need a reason.


  1. You've done a really neat job and I love the colours. So annoying when patterns don't have all the instructions you need to avoid wasting time.

  2. so cute - love the colours and the wrap. I'm sure the puku will make up for the overlapping sections :)