Sunday, September 1, 2013

Something New

On Saturday I joined fellow Monday Modern-ist, Heather at the Mairangi Arts Centre for a tivaevae workshop. I am quite keen to learn tivaevae. I think it looks really effective - I like the idea of a navy blue background with a white pattern.

Did you know that most tivaevae are kept in one's glory box - they are not used. I don't see the point of doing all that work if no one is going to see it. There was also some talk of keeping them locked away so no one 'steals' your designs.

Anyway, about 90 minutes into the workshop we got some white fabric (an old serviette) and a leaf. Step one was to tack the leaf to the white.

Then we experimented with needle turn applique to attach the leaf to the background. More practice is needed!

That was about as far as I got with 30+ people in the class and a very slow start.

I unpicked what I did yesterday and used the tutor's leaf and flower as templates for a new leaf and flower which I tacked to some navy linen.

I am not loving it. Possibly the flower needs to be at a different angle? The tight inner curves of the flower and leaf are quite tricky. It's hard to get the edges tucked under without fraying edges poking out.

I think the flower needs a stamen or something to make it look more like a flower. It might develop into a cushion for a chair in the lounge. That, or Lucy the cat might claim it.


  1. Ooh the 90min lead in would have had me gnashing my teeth! Tivaevae quilts are lovely - and obviously require more skill with the needle than I have. I like the block you have made.

    1. I just keep thinking, if this was a real classroom with 30 kids who had nothing to do, she'd be in real trouble!

  2. I think the cat already did! Appliqué has never been my strong point. I'm very slow. Enjoy learning your new skill : )

  3. Wow it is interesting! 90 mins is a long long time! good on you for giving it a go :)

  4. I was only teasing when I said you should have a sample finished for tonight's meeting!I think it turned out pretty good considering the lack of instruction we got.
    Although the poor organisation of the workshop was frustrating, the exhibition itself is worth checking out - beautiful colours highlighted with lovely embroidery.