Monday, October 21, 2013

Baking Brioche

On Sunday I felt like baking brioche. I had previously used this [Little and Friday - surprise, surprise] recipe when my cousin Kelly and I made homemade doughnuts. But sometime last term, I bought some L & F brioche and now I know how good it is, I thought I would try my hand at it.

I made the brioche (it was taking too long to prove - longer than it took to baste the blue and green quilt - so I put it in the micro for a minute and that sped things up!). I then flattened it into a piece about 45 cm x 25 cm and spread pesto on it, crumbled feta and threw a little bit of grated cheese on before adding chopped sundried tomoatoes and rolling it up. The recipe calls for spinach leaves. I don't see the point in spinach. It doesn't add any flavour and the leafiness just gets in the way.

The recipe easily made twelve rounds as you can see here in the over-sprayed patty tins complete with spills and previously burnt on baking. (I could never be a food blogger - way too messy a baker and nothing is ever uniform.)

And voila, here it is. To improve, I would really try to get the 'slab' of brioche down to 1cm thick as per the recipe. However, mine still tastes good and no one in the English Learning Area complained (-:

I can't imagine chocolate brioche, but it might be quite good too. You could easily make half the recipe savoury and half sweet. I am hoping they freeze well too or I will be eating brioche for lunch and tea until at least Wednesday night.


  1. They look completely delicious - I love brioche. I've only recently discovered L&F - where have I been??

  2. I make my dough on a Saturday night and leave it in the fridge till I need it on Sunday morning. Lots of photos on my blog of my filling experiments for them.

  3. Think I will try those caramel apple scones on your blog first, and then maybe a cream cheese and chocolate combo. Yum!

  4. Me again - how many brioche did this dough mix make. I get 12 from the recipe I use?

    1. Hi Julie

      I got 14. They filled the width of the Texas cupcake tin and have come out ranging from 7 - 10 cm high.

  5. Believe it or not, these brioches are the only thing I've ever had at L&F! I can't go past them every time. Yours look just as good :-) N.B I've always thought the point of spinach was to be used to mitigate against any guilt one might have about too much butter/pastry/richness.