Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Chrissy Pressy for Baby Lucy

Eventually I will have to stop referring to niece Lucy as Baby Lucy. She is 1 year and 2 months old but I am pretty sure she will always be the youngest member of our family.

Anyway, I bought a baby mermaid pattern from Bit of Whimsy a while ago with Baby Lucy in mind.

It is a really simple pattern. I used double-sided interfacing to attach the 'hair' to the head and then zigzagged over the wool a couple of times. I also used interfacing on the back of the face - it makes for a nicer finish for the stitching. All of this interfacing has made the head a bit stiff though and not as smooth as I would like.

All the fabric came from my stash which makes this a pretty good present in my books. I am sure I will make more baby mermaids in the future.


  1. Oh - you have no idea how this has made me smile! Olive, my granddaughter, is mermaid mad at present!! I googled "how- to- make- a- m.- tail" the other day & we had huge fun with 1 leg down tights & a pilow case!!! Your little doll looks cute! (I should get the pattern too). L

  2. Very cute - no doubt she will be loved :)

  3. Wonderful, hmm looks like doll making might be in my future :)