Monday, December 16, 2013

Lucky Stars - Progress

I didn't love the three layout suggestions we were emailed. I was after something less ordinary.

 So I went back to Amy Gibson's suggestions for her Sugar Blocks.

I have added 2.5" sashing to the blocks to give them some space and try to calm the design. And then I wet them to get the paper off ... and all over the floor.

I plan to put a bigger star in the centre. Either grey and yellow, or grey and navy, or grey and chevrons. And I might add another border around the outside just to make the quilt into a more useful size.

While I was waiting for the blocks to dry (lucky it was a very warm day) I started another oven mitt using fabric from the stash.

Lucy the Cat did not go far. My chair, the ironing board, my chair, the ironing board in front of the fan and finally this basket. It was a tight squeeze!


  1. Wow ! your blocks look stunning! & I love the layout!! (& I will keep Amy's extensive list of setting options for later reference!! ) L

  2. I agree that Amy's options were all much more interesting. I have made three of those oven mitts - it is a useful pattern for whipping up gifts. Your dotty version is great.

  3. Ooh I love that layout, it works beautifully with your stars... I may have to borrow it for my bird quilt... Hmmm time to play and see if it would work!

  4. Love what you are doing with your Lucky Star blocks... it is such a great idea to put a bigger piece in the middle.

  5. Love your stars on grey! It is going to be a lovely quilt.