Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A Meow Update

Because we pay a million dollars a metre fabric for in New Zealand, and because I really didn't know what I was doing, I made a prototype using scraps and ugly fabric (I am talking about you, Purple).

Fortunately, I still have notes from when I first started quilting. They helped me work out the size of my HSTs.

I remembered how much I dislike making HSTs. Pity each block needs 32 HSTs.

The first block has turned out ok. I think the linen on the right looks a different colour just because of the light. I am using Camile Roskelley's pattern, but I made some adjustments to take into account the size of the blue cats.

Every time I got up - and there is a lot of getting up and down when making HSTs - Lucy the Cat stole my sewing chair. She loves it.

It's nearly the Christmas hols. Yay.


  1. That looks fantastic! I can only imagine how much unpicking I would suffer through if I did that block :-)

  2. Aww it's gorgeous! Well done for persevering!

  3. Beautiful block! I love your cat she is pretty.

  4. Looking good! I actually enjoy HST's call me crazy, but you are doing a fine job at yours;)

  5. Love the center of your Round and Round block, and the color scheme!

  6. You block turned out lovely! love the blues with the linen