Sunday, January 12, 2014

Heads or Tails?

I have been referring to this quilt as my arrowheads quilt, but I see it's actually called arrow tails. I suppose arrow tails are a little less dangerous than arrowheads!

Anyway, I saw this lovely quilt by Laurel of Sing all You Want sometime last year and thought it would make a good baby quilt for a frolleague (remember - blend of friend and colleague). I had a layer cake which I had bought for another project and used that. Laurel has all the directions on her blog for this quilt. All I did was cut each layer of my cake in half and then cut each short end off at 50 degrees. I possibly should have paid more attention to having all my arrows going in the same direction.

My finished quilt measures about 90 cm x 115 cm. I backed it with another Spotlight special that looks kind of like sketch with some hand-drawn flowers thrown in, and it is bound with actual sketch - which isn't quite as traffic-cone-orange as it looks in the photo.

Lucy the Cat has given it her seal of approval. She's pretty easy to please though.


  1. This looks really lovely - I like the orange binding.

  2. It's awesome and the backing and binding got so well with the patterns on the front - yay for finishing!