Tuesday, May 6, 2014

12 Circles = One Rectangle

Progress to date:

The latest row is the one at the bottom. I would say I am about half way now with this project. Once four more circles are made, I add a 'border' of half circles. I don't have enough block dot fabric for the border, so am looking for alternatives. At the top of my list so far is this one - Timeless Treasure's Sketchdot Grey. I haven't seen it in real life though. Given that stage is at least as far away as the next hols, I don't think I have to make a decision any time soon.

I will link up with Lee on Wednesday.


  1. This looks just amazing! So much detail : )

  2. This is looking fabulous - love all the colour and different blocks.

  3. Beautiful! You are making great progress :)

  4. mmm what a bummer about the black dots... hopefully you find one that's close enough... I'll keep my eyes peeled. Just yesterday I went hunting for black and whites but I did not come across anything in the same shades... Time is our friend :)