Sunday, May 4, 2014

Modern Monday's 2013 Quilt Exhibition

Remember last year when our Modern Monday group had our first exhibition at Highwic House in Newmarket, Auckland?

 (This is my favourite photo from the exhibition.) 

 Well, seven months later NZ Quilter magazine has written about it.

Typically, they refer to quilts they don't include in the photos. If you want a larger copy of the article, this link will take you to it. It annoys me when they talk about quilts and don't have pictures to show what they are talking about. Am I supposed to just imagine the quilts? 


  1. That quilt is lovely. As you say it is maddening when they dont use more photos. More photos less words would be good.

  2. Yes that really was a good pic! I felt it summed up words required! L

  3. To be fair though Karen, the author did contact me to see if I had a photo of my quilt in the dining room (as mentioned in the article) but both my photo and hers were too dark to use really. The house was so dark it was difficult to get decent photos I found. But that being said, the publicity shots that Melanie did with her husband were all good quality.

    1. BTW - 'anna is cool' was me - that is what happens when my daughter has had to use my laptop for the day. Heather.