Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Lucky Stars Finished

This one is a bit smaller than the bee trees, so the binding was done much more quickly than I imagined.

The Lucky Stars Quilt measures 148 x 148 cm - 58 x 58". I didn't want to enclose it in a coloured binding, so went with the background blue/grey with four smallish pieces of the brighter blue cut in. 90% of the fabrics came from Spotlight including the backing. This was one was also quilted by Carol Fearon. It is mainly ditch-stitched which I like because there is less quilting so the quilt is softer.

Lucy the Cat tested it as a washing quilt when I took it outside to photograph.


  1. Star quilts, my favourite. You can never go wrong with stars. They really do pop against that background.


  2. I do love this one - happy bright interesting and modern!

  3. Lovely blocks and beautiful piecing

  4. Karyn, fantastic finish! I love the quilting it lets the blocks show off and carrying the background color to the binding with pops of blue, perfect! I still have my lucky stars quilt to quilt been putting it off as I am not sure how to quilt, think it is time to jump in and finish it.

  5. Looks great, love the colours you have used - sets off your cat perfectly.