Sunday, June 1, 2014

A [Winter] Picnic Quilt

I see I started this quilt in July 2011! My cousin, Kelly, requested an orange picnic quilt. Well, nearly three years later it's done!

This one is mainly made with Jenean Morrison's Silent Cinema. The black/grey fine stripe came from the local quilt shop. And the backing is some old Denyse Schmidt on sale at Spotlight recently.

I knew I wanted food and eating words quilted into this quilt - hence, all the close ups so you can read them.

I found this old photo which shows how I put it together 3 years ago. It started with pairs of rectangles which I then sewed into rows. I remember the maths for the filler triangles was taxing! When I look at it done now, I should have finished the top and bottom row with more black because the zigzags look half done.

Finished it measures about 140 x 140cm (55 x 55") and the quilting was done by Carol Fearon.

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  1. I have this little rule.. I can only start something new if I've finished something old! ... by my reckoning, you are well in credit with all the "finishes" you've done lately! I love that orange fabric in the setting triangles! L