Thursday, July 24, 2014

Fabricworm in Real Life!

In the recent hols I got to shop in person at Birch Fabrics/Fabricworm in downtown Paso Robles, California! Really that was the whole point of the trip. Just kidding. I was in California with a couple of frolleagues (blend of friend and colleague) to present at the Visible Learning Conference in Carlsbad.

Anyway, we were at Birch Fabrics/Fabricworm just after opening on a Sunday morning. It's staffed by young, bright hipsters with dyed hair and tattoos. Not what I was expecting.

As you can see fabric was stacked and piled everywhere. They said they do about 100 www orders a day, but had recently had a sale on organics so were doing 200 a day.

I had a bit of a shop - always mindful of the 23kg suitcase limit though and I had already been plate shopping (as you do) at Anthropolgie in San Francisco. Fabric is a dead-weight. It came home in my carry-on. It hasn't been added to the bookshelf-o-fabric yet. It's still in a half unpacked state in the spare room. I look forward to creating my cousin Kelly's baby quilt from some of it though.

For more exciting photos (but not of fabric), I have added a few to the holidays page. Oh, and the conference was great. I have come home all re-inspired.


  1. So cool Karyn - yay for international fabric shopping and your holiday photos are lovely!

  2. Oh my gosh! Were you beside yourself with excitement??

  3. Glad your holiday & conference were equally pleasurable! Looking forward to seeing just what you make now with all that yummy selection! L

  4. ooooo exciting! Looks like you had a wonderful trip!

  5. OMG! That is a dream come true!!!
    Your holiday fotos are very cool - the red rocks look a little like the clay cliffs we have visited in New Zealand - just a lil bigger ;-)
    Las Vegas is so funny - there is no need to visit Rome - everything is copied there...