Sunday, August 10, 2014

Frolic - A Busy Baby Quilt

Time is flying, so I thought I better get started on a quilt for my cousin Kelly's soon to be born baby. I don't know the gender of the baby. I don't want to know. I asked if there were any colours she didn't want. She said no, but that she had been drawn to aqua a lot recently.

I ordered a great bundle of fabric months ago, only for it to be stolen from the doorstep between the courier leaving it and me getting home from work. So I took the opportunity when I was at Fabricworm/Birch Fabrics in the hols, to purchase a new bundle of fabric - Frolic by Rebecca Ginda. It is kind of aqua-ish. Maybe more teal though.

This weekend, I cut it into 8" squares and some strips and then sewed it all back together again.

It was just under a metre wide, so I added a 4" border to it. And because I only had half a metre of that fabric, I had to add in some Frolic to make it go all the way around.

It looks very, very busy in the pics. I think it looks better in real life. I will take a whole quilt photo outside when the weather is brighter than it is today.

I plan on hand-quilting this one with perle thread - not something I have ever done before. I have always used the 'normal' quilting thread with the aim of having minute stitches. I am confident I will meet the start of October due date.

It measures 117cm x 137cm or 46" x 54". I like a size that will go from cot to being dragged around one day to build tents, etc. I hope it will have a longer period of usefulness.

Meanwhile, the final two circles of the Circle Game need to be unpicked and trimmed back because (again) they don't fit perfectly around the centre circles.


  1. I love the elephant & balloons fabric.. very cute!

  2. Great colours! I look forward to seeing the hand quilting with perle - I think it will look great.

  3. Great looking baby quilt! Does look busy but it looks great for a baby!