Saturday, September 20, 2014

Tiny Skirts and an Apron

Baby Lucy turns two very soon so I have made her three summer skirts as part of her birthday present.

I simply cut across the width of the fabric and went for a total length of about 30cm/12", to end up with a finished length of about 25cm. So quick!

I was going to make each one from a single fabric until I saw Linda's cool skirts, and decided to do some mixing and matching on two of them. Four of the five fabrics are from Spotlight.

A weekend or so ago, I can't remember, I also made Lucy an apron at the request of her Mum. Lucy is getting some kind of kitchen set up for her birthday (perhaps the thought is that Lucy will take after her Nana who is the best baker).

I had a final length and a waist measurement and went from there. It's fairly unimaginative. It could have been a lot prettier. I found the cotton lace and old ricrac in the stash and added them, in an effort to make it less plain.

One week of school left until the hols. Thank goodness. I am looking forward to a week without school work and a change of head space.