Friday, October 10, 2014

The Half Circle Border

I am so productive when I don't have to go to work! I should be on holiday more often. In saying that, only nine weeks of school this term until the Christmas/summer hols.

Anyway, I have made two of the half circle borders for The Circle Game quilt. They were lying on the floor when I was at home last week and nephew Lucas said, "Hey look at all the semi-circles. Two semi-circles make one circle." And he proceeded to match them all up. How does an almost four year old know about semi circles? When I was home Lucas and I played numerous games of ludo and Snakes and Ladders with two dice which helps develop number knowledge ... it also speeds the games up! It can take a long time to get four counters around that ludo board.

The helpful lady at The Ribbon Rose in Ellerslie helped me audition numerous fabrics for the border. I am pleased with this choice. It's black (obviously) with cream coloured dots, which is good because the main background fabric also uses cream rather than white.

34 more semi-circles and it's done!


  1. Great choice for the background... it frames that wonderful riot of colour beautifully!

  2. This quilt is amazing! Such fun colour and design

  3. Wow - that is really a cool idea! Like your semi circles and the border suits perfect!