Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Bee Trees in Down Under Quilts

I couple of months ago saw a request from Down Under Quilts for botanical themed quilts, so sent them a small pic of our Modern Monday Bee Trees quilt. I got an email back asking for more photos, so in the middle of winter I took the quilt round to a local park and attached it to the swings to get some decent (light) photos. I am sure the early morning walkers wondered what I was up to!

A couple of weeks ago, the magazine turned up in my letterbox with a ginormous whole page photo of the Bee Trees quilt!


  1. Karyn, you must have been so excited to see a double-page spread! Well done you for being proactive. The quilt looks great. I'll try and get the mag out tomorrow from the library and have a read. Mel

  2. Well done Karyn!
    Imagine... a double page spread! I think all the design elements of this quilt (& your planets) were well & truely aligned!! So happy for you, Linda

  3. Wow Karen! Well done you. The photos look great. Hope you'll bring the article in for us to pour over. Shelly